Monday, September 10, 2012

Drunk Nights

I went to my friends college last weekend.  I visited my girlfriend and got hang out with some of my old friends. I had a blast and wish I could visit more often.  While I was away how ever Matt had a party in our room and had a 24 pack of beer that was empty when I came back.  He left the place completely trashed with pizza boxes and other items and expected me to clean up after him.  I was really mad.  Thats behind us now though so its ok.  We had a big noise complaint against us at 3 in the morning because a bunch of drunk people randomly showed up and were banging on things and stuff.  I'll upload a picture and a video tomorrow from that night.  I'm actually really surprised the RA didn't wake up cause of all the noise we were making it was pretty crazy.

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