Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lost track of time

I was waiting on someone to send me the picture and video but he keeps forgetting too.  So I'll just talk about something else.  Matt left to go to the away game last weekend.  I had the room to myself and just kinda chilled with people.  At one point I was pretty gone and kept singing and dancing to this song.
Apparently I look hilarious when I do the dance!
The night before I was up til 5 am driving drunk people around and searching for Matt.  I found him like 20 minutes away from campus and he decided to beat up the sign in our dorm.  It looks pretty beat up.  Then he had to drive to a different state for the game.  They got stuck in the car for 19 hours with absolutely nothing to do.  We lost the football game and they literally had nothing to do but sit in a hammock and watch people walk by their car.  I cleaned the room and its stayed mostly clean since! 

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