Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Beginnings: Background Knowledge

Matt is my roommate we are freshmen in college and we met for the first time ever on move in day.  Right off the bat I knew he was going to make this interesting.  We got moved in and he told me he had partied every night he had been in the states so 3-4 days straight.  Our room is pretty standard but we have everything in it.  Matt brought everything even the stuff that is against the rules like grills and stuff.  He is a pretty interesting guy, he likes to party and play sports and cook and lots of girls.  We go to a pretty regular college and our dorm is far from everything which is really annoying.  We have connections to enough people that we can go to a party most nights so this should be an interesting story.

I decided I would log our adventures and maybe turn it into a book later on!

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