Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Morning After

So I got woken up at 2 that might to the sound of a safe hitting the floor. Matt had thrown his safe across the room to put Rolin's broken cigarettes in it. He then proceeded to Skype a random girl and tell her that they were going to have sex the next day. This girl lives a few states away. Then he told me he had to sober Rolin up so he threw bread at Rolin and I went to go c if he was ok and he was just being a loud drunk and Matt walked in and said "Rolin it's time for sleepy sleep no bread nooo no bread Rolin time to sleep" then I went to bed. The morning after I went I was talking to Eddie and Rolin about the night. Rolin didn't remember much but everyone else knew what happened. Rolin had puked all over their floor and his roommate had gotten really mad and broke his lamp, in retaliation Rolin pissed all over his stuff including everything he needed for ROTC and school. His roommate then proceeded to threaten to kill him and Rolin freaked out and called his lawyer and the RA and his roommate moved out later that day. His roommates dad came to help move all of his stuff out and saw Rolin and confronted him about peeing on his sons stuff and saying that he was over reacting with the threat of a restraining order.

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