Saturday, August 25, 2012

Whiskey Wednesday

Wednesday might Matt told me he would be home at 1030-1100 and that he wasn't going to get to messed up... Well that was a lie. Him and Eddie played beer pong and won like 10 straight games. Now for the introduction of Rolin. Rolin is really quiet, calm and nice. He got a bid to a frat and was really excited so he drank a ton of liquor. As Matt and Eddie started winning a lot he started becoming a cheerleader. Everytime they hit a cup he would scream and hug the person who scored. Eddie shot the winning shot of their last game and Rolin tackled him cause he was so happy. Now for the hard part getting everyone home safely. They had to carry Rolin to the drunk bus and once they got on he tried to make out with a girl and then proceeded to cuddle up next to eddie telling him he loved him. Once they got to the dorm they had to carry him to his room. Needless to say he wasn't very quiet they threw him in his bed and hoped for the best.

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