Saturday, August 18, 2012


Last night we went to a foam party! I walked out to take a call and I walked back in and found Matt dancing on top of the stage near the DJ. I left a little after that but this morning after my shower I found out that they ended up hanging out with a big group of black guys and ended up drunk at Waffle House.  When I got to our dorm I realized Matt had left his key in our room so I thought it would be fun to lock him out for the night.  So I woke up this morning and I found Matt asleep in his bed... He had crawled through our window to get into the room.  He was drunk and he doesn't have any climbing skills and he doesn't remember much other than cutting himself on the window.  Today we are finishing construction on our slide out the window so no more pesky stairs on the way out of our dorm!  Last nights foam party was one to remember, there were more drunk people there than I have seen our entire time in college.   This one girl was dancing and fell into the foam and disappeared, an hour later I saw her in a different area of the party how she got there under the foam I still don't know... Not much that I remember from last night but it was crazy

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