Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sober Up

Last night was a sober night! It was still ridiculous we were chilling in our room when this guy from down the hall slammed open the door and walked in and started talking trash and we could tell he was really drunk. We asked where he went and he asked where we went and we said no where and he said then I wasn't where you were! After he left we walked to Denny's. On the way there we played a game in which you throw the keys up and if you dropped the keys then you lost. Matt was the last person to drop the key on his last throw for the win he threw it really high and had to chase after them they came down and his hands were right there ready to catch them but they went right through his hands. He heard a clank and looked down and yelled out in agony and got on his knees to find them. They had gone down a street drain, the only one with in visible range. He was so sad cause he has to give the college 100 bucks to get a new one. Stories are going to become a little more scarce now cause actual school work is starting but I promise I'll keep up the hilarious stories of dorn h

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